The Complete Coding Manual Vol 21 – Digital Download


Learn to code, discover projects & ideas, and develop your coding skills!


  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Contains over 190 page of coding guides, tips and tutorials
  • Learn how to set up and start coding with the latest version of Python
  • Discover the fundamentals of C++ and create your first program
  • Perfect way to begin learning some of the most popular programming languages
  • Includes access to 60 FREE programs to download from our Code Portal

It’s time to engineer your future! Learn to code, and you will not only discover an incredible world of innovation, but you will also master your digital environment. Coding is one of the most sought-after skills of the modern workplace and with a little knowledge you can improve your current prospects, or secure your dream job.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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The Complete Coding Manual Vol 21

Python 3

Python is, without a doubt, the most popular programming language with which to begin learning to code. Not only is it easy to understand and follow, but it’s also quick to achieve great results, and it’s astonishingly powerful too. We’re using Python 3, the latest version of the language. With it, you’re able to create everyday useful software, graphical games, text adventures and interactive programs for use at home or work.


C++ is one of the most powerful, high-performing and efficient programming languages you can learn. It’s used to code and create web browsers, games, applications, and even entire operating systems; which makes understanding it a highly sought after skill to have. Where do you begin, though? We look at how to get started with C++ on Windows, macOS and Linux; from entering a few lines of code to produce something on your screen, through to data types and user interaction.

Batch Files

Windows 10’s command line programming comes in the form of batch files. These easy to learn scripts can be powerful enough to help automate tasks, back up your important files and even create games. Batch files are used by Microsoft system administrators the world over, as a stepping stone on to more powerful scripting languages such as PowerShell, or even into Python and C++. Learning how to create a batch file will help you get more from your Windows PC.

Projects & Ideas

Sink your coding teeth into some cool projects and interesting ideas available for you. Utilise your new-found skills to track the ISS in real-time, create animations using ASCII characters, learn some retro coding, and add effects to your code such as a loading screen. Learning to code is fun and fascinating with The Complete Coding Manual, so unleash your imagination and start coding!



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