The Complete Coding Manual Vol 17


Master coding and unlock your programming potential!

    • Over 190 pages, packed with tutorials
    • Free Download – 21 programs for python
    • Learn the latest version of Python
    • Featuring FUZE BASIC and Linux Scripting
    • Start learning C++, for better coding

Within these pages, you will learn how to start coding with a variety of languages and how to apply the code to real-world situations. This is the first step on your journey to becoming a programmer.

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The Complete Coding Manual Vol 17

It’s time to engineer your future! Learn to code and not only will you discover an incredible world of innovation, you will also be able to master your digital environment. Coding is fast becoming one of the most sought-after skills of the modern workplace and with a little knowledge, you can help improve your current employment prospects or even secure your dream job.

It’s not just about future-proofing your career, though. Through learning to code you can gain a better understanding of how a computer, or even the Internet, works. Code is everywhere, it’s used to program your smart TV, it’s in your kitchen appliances and your car, in fact it controls almost every aspect of your life, so having the basic skills of coding will enhance your daily digital activities.

Learn Python 3

Python is undoubtedly the most popular programming language and the ideal choice when starting to explore code. Not only is it easy to understand and follow, it’s also great for achieving quick results and it’s astonishingly powerful. We’re using Python 3, which is the latest version of the language and with it, you’re able to create everyday useful software, graphical games, text adventures and interactive programs that can be fashioned for use at home or at work. Python is a fantastic language and we will help you master the basics to set you on your way to becoming an accomplished Python programmer.

Learn C++

C++ is one of the most powerful, high-performing and efficient programming languages you can learn. Web browsers, games, applications and even entire operating systems are coded and created using C++; which makes understanding it a highly sought after skill to have. Where do you begin though? We look at how you get started with C++ on Windows, MacOS and Linux, demonstrating the whole process from entering a few lines of code that will generate something on your screen, through to data types and user interaction.

Learn FUZE

We dive into the FUZE Project, one of the most exciting examples of what can be done with a Raspberry Pi, to see what’s on offer. With the FUZE, you can use the Raspberry Pi as normal, but it also incorporates some interesting extras you won’t find from a standard Pi setup. Our detailed guides will walk you through the FUZE and its unique version of the BASIC programming language; we’ll even include some coding examples to sink your teeth into.

Learn Coding on Linux

Linux is an open source operating system that’s a superb foundation for any would-be programmer to build on. Downloading and installation are free and with it, you can use all of the popular and mainstream programming languages through a variety of different front-end apps. Fundamentally, Linux is great when it comes to creating scripts and with scripting we can create useful, everyday programs to help us back-up a system to a remote location, create user-interactive code and much more. By using the Bash Shell in Linux, you’re able to interact with the entire system and its users, as well as any Python and C++ code you’ve already created.

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