Coding Tips Tricks and Fixes Vol 27


The ultimate guide to advancing your coding skills and knowledge!

With Coding – Tips, Tricks & Fixes we take a look at four popular programming languages: Python, C++, Bash scripting and FUZE BASIC on the Raspberry Pi. There are tips on how to get started with each, where to get the latest versions of the languages, what you need and how to enter your first few lines of code.

There’s plenty within these pages for beginner and intermediate programmers, so dive in and get coding.

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Coding Tips, Tricks and Fixes Vol 27

Learning a programming language isn’t easy. Where do you start? How much does it cost? What do you need? What language do you start with? Questions such as these are always the most asked when it comes to programming; and that’s even before you start to code.

Python power

The world of programming is vast, with dozens of programming languages available for multiple different platforms. It’s confusing at the best of times, so we’re here to help you find your way through the labyrinthine coding universe.
Python is one of the most popular programming languages available today. It’s used throughout the Internet, in businesses and education. It’s easy to learn and powerful to use and has a vast knowledge base online for you to dip into for inspiration or help. We look at how you get started with Python and what you need to begin to become a Python programmer.


C++ is one of the most powerful, high performing and efficient programming languages you can learn. Web browsers, games, applications and even entire operating systems are coded using C++, which makes understanding it a highly sought after skill to have. Where do you begin though? We look at how you get started with C++ on Windows, macOS and Linux and how you get from entering a few lines of code to having something appear on your screen.

Coding on Linux

Linux is an open source operating system that’s a superb foundation for any would-be programmer to build on. It’s free to download, install and use; with it you can use all of the popular and mainstream programming languages through a variety of different front-end apps. However, Linux is also great when it comes to creating scripts. With scripting you can create useful, everyday programs to help back up a system to a remote location, user-interactive code and much more. By using the Bash Shell in Linux, you can interact with the entire system and its users, as well as any Python code you’ve already created.

More Tips, More Tricks, More Fixes

With this book, you can learn how to become a better coder, how to manage your code and structure it and how to identify pitfalls and problems before they even arise. We’ve even thrown in some great Python coding examples for you to type out and try, use, improve and extend into your own coding projects. Discover how to work with code and make coding work for you.

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