Coding for Linux Vol 38

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Master Linux and expand your programming skills!

    • Over 145 pages of guides, tips and tutorials
    • Fully updated for Linux Mint 19.1
    • Learn Python 3 and apply it to real world programs
    • Start to learn the basics of C++
    • Discover the world of free software with Linux

Linux is a remarkable operating system that’s at the heart of most of our daily technology. It runs the core servers of the Internet and is used in manufacturing, sciences and education. NASA uses Linux for its space program, CERN uses it to uncover the secrets of the universe at the LHC and you too can use it as a free alternative to Windows or macOS.

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Coding for Linux Vol 38

This publication brings you all the high quality information you would expect from a technical guide book but delivered in a fully Illustrated, bright, colourful and user-friendly jargon free manner. Our team of editorial and design experts are committed to bring you the latest, up to date user tutorials in an easy to follow step-by-step manner, ensuring you get the absolute best from your Linux user experience. Inside we cover the key elements to help you start coding with Linux, including Python and C++, making this your essential independent coding magazine.

Getting to Know Linux

We have heaps of tutorials and guides to help you get started on your Linux journey. From which Linux distribution to choose, through to getting it installed on your computer, or even in a virtual environment. Linux is easy once you know how it works and this book aims to help you get there hassle-free and ready for more.

Terminal Velocity

The Linux command line, also called the Terminal, is where the power of this amazing OS comes into play. Within these pages you can learn how to use the Terminal, install more apps, discover the Linux filesystem and create your own Linux scripts for automated routines and even games. The Terminal is all powerful and we can bring you up to speed in no time.

Python on Linux

Python is one of the most popular programming languages to learn. It’s easy to use and with it you can create some spectacular apps, games and routines. Linux is a perfect base from which to learn Python and we want to show you how to get everything up and running to begin exploring the wonderful world of Python.

Learn C++

What do Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and thousands of programs and apps used daily have in common? They’re all created using custom libraries, software development kits and C++, which is an incredibly versatile and powerful language. While it can be complex, once you’ve mastered it, you can create some amazing code and greatly improve your job prospects.

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