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Your essential guide to Apple’s iPhones, new apps and iOS 15!

  • Over 160 pages of iPhone and iOS 15 guides, tips and tutorials
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  • Essential tutorials and insider tips for every iOS 15 app

iOS 15 takes your iPhone to new levels, with solid updates to many of its key applications. This guidebook will not only explain all of the changes and updates, but also help you to master everything about iOS, your iPhone and your Apple account. All your questions for iPhone answered and problems solved.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files. If you are looking for the print edition, click here

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iPhone & iOS 15 The Definitive Guide

iOS 15 takes your iPhone to new levels, with solid updates to many of its key applications. Safari, for example, gets an extensive makeover. FaceTime boasts several improvements, including Voice Isolation, which ignores ambient sounds in favour of focusing on the speaker.

A new Grid View for voice chats keeps everyone in view instead of shrinking those who haven’t spoken for a while; and if your iPhone is new enough, you can select Portrait Mode to blur the background around you as you chat.

There are also improvements to iCloud, Messages, Spotlight, Weather and more. New features are thin on the ground with iOS 15 – far more attention has been spent on polishing and improving existing apps and capabilities. That’s not to say there’s nothing that’s completely new. The brand new Focus combines a whole series of features designed to help you concentrate on what’s important to you now.

You can make custom Focus settings for work, free time and more. Look out too for Live Text, which lets you copy words from images such as photographs and paste it into documents such as notes, emails and more. It’s all in iOS 15!

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