The iPhone Guidebook Vol 27


Everything you need to know about your Apple iPhone!

  • Over 145 pages of iPhone guides, tips and tutorials
  • Learn insider tricks and secrets, keep your data safe & secure
  • Customise the iPhone’s OS, and discover the best iOS apps
  • Fully updated guides for iOS 12, and learn about iOS 13

Whether you’re new to the iPhone, or are a more experienced user, this is the book for you. We take an in-depth look at the iPhone, its features and its key apps, with fully illustrated tutorials written in plain English. Whatever it is you wish to do, we show you how, step-by-step. With our help, you can do so much more with your Apple smartphone.

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The iPhone Guidebook Vol 27

First-Time Setup

We show you how to set up your iPhone out of the box, and also how to reset a second-hand iPhone so you can set it up afresh for yourself.

Get More from Your iPhone

Our guides cover the iPhone’s advanced features as well as its basics. We also show you a range of hidden features that even experts might not know.

Security Covered

We take a look at your iPhone’s security, including how to set a stronger password, and ways of retrieving your phone if it is lost or stolen.

Go Online and Stay Safe

With our help, you can set up your iPhone for the Internet and email, and also go online and browse the worldwide web with the Safari app.

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Jun 2019

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