iPhone The Complete Guide Vol 29

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For iPhone 11 and ALL iPhones running iOS 13!

  • Over 145 pages of iPhone guides, tips and tutorials
  • Boost your online safety and keep hackers out
  • Learn the insider tricks and secrets to make the iPhone even better
  • Discover everything about the latest build of iOS 13 and how to use it

However you use your iPhone, this is the book for you. Whatever your level of experience, our fully-illustrated, step-by-step guides help you get more from your Apple smartphone, its operating system, its apps and its advanced features. And it’s all written in plain English, without any hint of confusing jargon and complex technical terms.

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iPhone The Complete Guide Vol 29

For Work

We show you how to use the iPhone’s key productivity apps like Calendar, Notes, Reminders and more.

For Play

If you use your iPhone for entertainment, you’ll welcome our guides to TV, Music and Books. The fun never ends!

For Photographers

Whichever iPhone you use, you can take better pictures with our guides to the Camera app and editing in Photos.

For the Internet

We show you how to take your iPhone online and use its key Internet features such as web browsing and email.

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Dec 2019

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