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Instagram offers more than simply somewhere to dump your occasional photos. It’s used by individuals and businesses to promote work, ethics, politics and much more. You can share a video of your personal best bench press or your child’s first steps. With so much content, there’s always something for someone within this rather wonderful app. Join us then, as we take a look at how Instagram works and what you can do with it. We help you get started and put you on the path to ultimate Instagram mastery.

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Instagram Expert

Introduction to Instagram

What exactly is Instagram? You’ve no doubt heard all about it and you may even have friends and family members who already use it, and are pestering you to use it too. Take a moment then to discover what this amazing app can do and more importantly, what it can do for you. We bring you a look at the app’s origins, its history and how it became one of the world’s largest photo sharing platforms.

Getting Started

Instagram is available for Android, iOS and the Windows 10 desktop, plus there’s also a web interface for you to log in to. This versatility keeps you connected and up to date even when you can’t access it via your mobile. In this guidebook we look at how to install Instagram on the major platforms and how it all works.

Beyond the Basics

There’s a lot more to do and discover with Instagram than simply posting the occasional photo. We look under the hood and explore the app’s account settings, privacy, security, verification and other key features.
There’s plenty of content within Instagram and finding what you want among the 40 billion photos and videos, fake or real celebrity accounts and more, can be a daunting task. We have some handy pointers to help make sense of it all.

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