The iPhone Guidebook
Vol 20

Easy-to-follow guides for your iPhone and iOS 11

The iPhone and iOS have had a major upgrade. The amazing iOS 11, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are here, right here! The iPhone GuideBook brings you the very latest fully illustrated guides to the iPhone, its apps and the new iOS 11 operating system. All the best features of the iOS and the iPhone are broken down and clearly explained by our team of experts, we show you how to master your iPhone with ease.

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An in-Depth Guide to iOS 11

iOS 11 is the latest version of the operating system on which the iPhone runs. It brings a host of new features to the iPhone and also updates some of the bundled apps that come with your Apple smartphone. We show you how to get the most from iOS 11, its features and the updated apps.

For Beginners and Experienced Users

We not only bring you guides to upgrading your iPhone to iOS 11 and using its new features, we also show you how to master the iPhone’s basics, such as the touchscreen, virtual keyboard and gesture controls. Whether you’re new to the iPhone or have been using it for a while, The iPhone GuideBook is for you.

How to Use the iPhone’s Key Apps

Our guides take you through the iPhone’s bundled apps such as Safari, Mail, Maps, Notes and Music. We show you how to get to grips with their basic features and also how to take things further with their more advanced capabilities. You may well learn something new about an app you use every day.

The iPhone’s Advanced Features

When you’re ready to dig a little deeper into the iPhone and the iOS 11 operating system, we take a look at iCloud and iCloud Drive, Siri, Notifications, Home Screen Folders and more. Our easy-to-follow tutorials explain everything with step-by-step instructions, illustrated with crystal clear screenshots.


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Vol 20”