The iOS 11 iPad Guidebook Vol 17


Your complete guide to the iPad and the new iOS 11!

Nothing ever stays still in the world of tech, and so it proves with the Apple iPad; but if you’re getting confused by the new features added with the new iOS 11 update, worry no more. The iOS 11 iPad GuideBook is here for all your tablet computing needs. We show you how to upgrade to the new operating system, and what it can do for your iPad. Its great new features are covered in our in-depth, step-by-step guides, which are written in plain English so you can follow along whatever your level of iPad experience.

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Up to Date with iOS 11

We take a look at the latest version of Apple’s iPad operating system with an in-depth look at its great new apps and features, such as the new look dock, the configurable Command Centre and the brand new App Store. If you already use an iPad, but want to keep up with what’s new. The iOS 11 iPad GuideBook is the book for you.

Crystal Clear Tutorials

Our guides are written in a simple, easy to understand way, so you don’t get confused with techno talk whilst learning to use your iPad. We show you what’s where and how to use all the iPad’s key apps, including new additions like the brand new Files application.

Advanced Features Explained

When you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to move on and gain even more from your iPad and iOS 11. We show you how to use its more advanced features such as Siri, Night Shift, iCloud, iCloud Drive and more. You’ll soon be doing more with your iPad than you ever thought possible.

Maintenance and Security

Are you concerned your iPad might one day be lost or stolen? If so, you need our guide to beefing up its security. We show you how to add a more secure passcode to protect your valuable data, and how to trace your iPad’s whereabouts on a map. We bring you a handy troubleshooting guide in case something goes wrong with your iPad too.

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