The iOS 10 iPad

The iOS 10 iPad Manual is your essential guide to the Apple iPad and its operating system, iOS 10.

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Whatever your level of experience, this is the book for you. For absolute beginners, we show you how to set up your iPad out of the box, its key apps and their functionality and how to get online for surfing the web and email. For the more experienced user we bring you the apps’ more advanced features and also show you key features of its operating system. It’s all in The iOS 10 iPad Manual!

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iPad for Productivity

We show you how to use the iPad’s productivity apps such as Calendar, Notes and Maps. As well as teaching you how to use their basic features, we go that bit further with a guide to advanced functions such as password-protected notes and shared calendar entries.

iPad Online

Getting onto the Internet with your iPad is easy with our expert illustrated guide. When you’re online, we show you how to send and receive emails, surf the worldwide web, buy apps and media from online stores and even make an Internet video telephone call.

iPad for Entertainment

The Videos app is great for watching movies and TV shows. The Music app lets you play your sounds and also stream songs from Apple’s subscription service, Apple Music. iBooks gives you electronic books and Podcasts is there for listening to shows. We show you how.

iPad for Photographers

Are you getting the most from the iPad’s front-facing and rear-pointing cameras? Do you organise your snaps effectively? Can you edit them to get the very most from your pictures? Our guides to the Camera and Photos apps bring you all this and more.