The iPadOS Manual Vol 40

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Everything you need to know about the Apple iPad & iPadOS!


  • Over 160 pages of iPadOS tips, guides and tutorials
  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Master your iPad and the iPadOS
  • All new apps and features explained
  • User guides, help and tips inside

Your iPad is due for a free upgrade. iPadOS, the successor to the iPad’s iOS 12 operating system, is exciting, new and free. And The iPadOS Manual is here to tell you all about it. Its 160 pages are packed full of easy-to-follow guides and expert tutorials that tell you everything you need to know about iPadOS. For newcomers, we show you how to set up your iPad from scratch. If you already use an iPad, we show you how to update to iPadOS for free. All its key apps are laid bare and, when you’re ready to move on, we show you how to use its more advanced features such as iCloud, Notifications and Siri. It’s all in The iPadOS Manual.

This Print Replica PDF edition can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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The iPadOS Manual Vol 40

Dark Mode

If you prefer a darker screen, the new Dark Mode feature and our tutorial give you just that. We show you how to switch to Dark Mode, and even schedule a change so it’s light in the day and dark in the evenings.

New Photos App

Photos has had a major overhaul. Not only does it organise your photographs in a new and useful way, but also, for the fi rst time, you can edit videos in the same way as your snaps. We show you how to do it.

New Home Screen

You can now pin your Today widgets on your Home screen, for a great computer-like experience. You can also use smaller app icons, cramming more onto each screen. We cover it all.

More iPadOS Features

We show you how to compress fi les with the Files app. Take a screenshot of an entire web page. Use two copies of the same app when multitasking. Operate your iPad with a game controller or a Bluetooth mouse. And more.



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