The iPadOS 14 iPad Guidebook – Digital Edition


Everything you need to know about the Apple iPad & iPadOS 14!


  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Over 160 pages of iPad and iPadOS 14 guides, tips and tutorials
  • Master Apple’s ALL-NEW iPadOS 14
  • All changes and new features explained
  • Learn how to use new iOS 14 apps

With iPadOS 14, the iPad’s operating system goes from strength to strength. It packs some great new features, including big updates to the Music, Files and Photos apps, a powerful new universal search feature and redesigned Home page widgets. The Home page sidebar is now even more customisable than before, putting all sorts of information gleaned from your iPad at your fingertips. Connecting a Bluetooth mouse is much easier and more productive and the iPad can make better use of a keyboard or a gaming controller too. With our help, you can get the very most from your iPad and its iPadOS 14 operating system.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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The iPadOS 14 Guidebook Vol 43

Introducing iPadOS 14 on iPad

Learn exactly what is new on the iPad and iPadOS 14, from the hardware buttons and ports, to the newest app additions. Find out exactly how Apple has once more added to the tablet that can do everything!

iPadOS 14 Basics

Learn how to set up your iPad and get iPadOS 14 up and running. Discover the security tricks of your Apple ID, Face ID and Touch ID, to help keep your data safe. Get to grips with the essentials of the iPad, from connecting to the Internet, to using AirDrop and Bluetooth.

Explore the iPadOS Apps

With both new and updated apps in iPadOS 14, there is sure to be something to learn here. Almost every major app included with iPadOS has been tweaked, improved and updated, bring you even more usability at the tap of the screen.

Do More with iPadOS

From getting the most out of iCloud, to multi-tasking tools, to Siri and Sidecar, here you will discover many of the most powerful and interesting tools and features your Apple tablet has to offer. All finished off with a huge selection of hints, tips and tricks for getting the very best from iPadOS 14.



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Aug 2020

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Digital Edition

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