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  • Step-by-step guides and tutorials for iPhone, iPad, Mac and More
  • New iPad Pro – Amazing upgrades and a new camera
  • First steps with your Apple tablet, and learn more about your iPad
  • We show you how to get started with your Apple Pencil and your iPad

BDM’s Essential AppleUser Magazine brings you the very latest news, rumours, reviews and technical help for your Apple iPhone, iPad and the iOS along with Mac’s, MacBooks, macOS, Apple Watch and all the accessories. This is the publication you will need to keep on top of the must know information and technical help from our team of Apple experts for your Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Apple TV hardware.

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Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 12

For the next three issues we’re taking a break from the usual reviews, previews and gadgets, to bring you a series of specials about your favourite Apple gear. This month, it’s an iPad special, so we take an in-depth look at Apple’s amazing tablet, including a guide to the latest iPads, top tutorials on how to get more from your touchscreen mobile device and more.

At the end of March, a new iPad Pro range was released, and they’ve taken a great leap forward from the previous models. The edge-to-edge screen and 12.9-inch or 11-inch sizes are retained, but under the hood, the latest iPad Pro is a more powerful beast. But perhaps the most important change to the high-end tablet is around the back. Instead of a single camera, there are now two, taking your photography to the next level. Also around the back is a LiDAR scanner, which is used to map the world around you. But to what end? Find out on Page 16, where we take an in-depth look at the new iPad Pros.

Elsewhere in our cover feature, we bring you a guide to the 7th generation iPad, and take a look at the rest of the Apple iPad range. It’s not all about the pro-level tablets after all. Whether you have an iPad Pro, a regular iPad or an iPad mini, there’s something here for you. If you’re thinking of upgrading, doubly so.

Steve Jobs famously said a smartphone or tablet that used a stylus was misconceived, and you shouldn’t have to use an input device when you have ten fingers available. I wonder what he would’ve made of the Apple Pencil? Released after Jobs’ death, it’s a great tool for note-makers and artists, and takes your iPad into whole new areas of productivity. We think he’d have liked it. After all, it’s not as if you have to use an Apple Pencil with your iPad. It just takes things to a whole new level when you do.

To round off, we take a look at all sorts of things you can do with your Apple iPad while you’re in self isolation. There are guides to setting it up, using it for social media, interacting with the touchscreen, sending and receiving email and more. It’s all in Essential AppleUser Magazine!

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