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BDM’s Essential AppleUser Magazine brings you the very latest news, rumours, reviews and technical help for your Apple iPhone, iPad and the iOS along with Mac’s, MacBooks, macOS, Apple Watch and all the accessories. This is the publication you will need to keep on top of the must know information and technical help from our team of Apple experts for your Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Apple TV hardware.

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What are you hoping for this Christmas? Connected home security cameras, a set of Bluetooth speakers or perhaps a new monitor? Whatever it is you want, our gadgets guide helps you get to grips with what’s out there. We round up some of the best accessories for your Apple gear in our cover story, All we Want for Christmas!  And if you’re hoping Santa will bring you a new Mac or an iPhone 11 Pro, you’d better have been very, very good.

Over in the tutorials section, we take a look at ways of using your Mac, iPad and iPhone for productivity tasks. They’re great for organising your life, with apps like Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts and Reminders. We’re currently doing a special subscriptions offer with Setapp; take a look at Page 64 for details. But what is Setapp and what can it do for you, the Mac owner? We catch up with its founder and CEO, Oleksandr Kosovan, to find out more. Our exclusive interview starts on Page 38.

Apple is diversifying into subscription services of late. We’ve already covered Apple Arcade, and this issue we take a look at the Apple TV+ service. Is it the next Netflix, or an also-ran that will never catch on? Take a look at our review starting on Page 62. Something that’s definitely caught on is the Tomb Raider game. Since the very first game hit the PlayStation in 1996, the 3D action gaming franchise has thrilled. But did you know the series was rebooted in 2013, with a three-part series exploring the origins of the tomb-raiding heroine, Lara Croft? This issue, we take a look at the Mac release of the third game in this reboot, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and we reckon it’s rather good.

What are your own thoughts on all things Apple? Do you have something to get off your chest? Are you having problems with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple Watch? Check out our letters pages and tech Q&A, and write in yourself. You never know, you might win a prize.

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