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    • Win! An amazing set of Plantronics sports earbuds


The essential Apple User magazine brings you the very latest news, rumours, reviews and technical help for your Apple iPhone, iPad and the iOS. This is the publication you will need to keep on top of the must know information and technical help from our team of Apple experts regarding your Apple hardware.


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Photography is changing. Back in the day, you had to send your holiday snaps to the chemist to be developed before you could enjoy them. Then came digital photography and you could review them on your camera or computer as soon as you’d taken them. Bad snaps could be deleted and you could pick and choose what you printed, but of course, you still had to have your camera to hand before taking a pic. If the shot of a lifetime presented itself when your digital snapper was at home, bad luck you. Then came mobile phone photography. At first, the pictures were small and of limited quality, but you always had your phone with you, so fewer photos were missed. Over time, mobile phone cameras improved, drastically. These days, hardly anyone buys a compact digital camera, as most people have a very capable camera phone in their pocket.

Some of the pictures taken on iPhones are amazing and every bit as good as those taken by the professionals on much more expensive equipment. Over on page 62, we take a look at the winners of Apple’s Shot on iPhone competition and what amazing photos they are. However, it doesn’t end with taking the shot. As we see on Page 74, you can do some amazing things using photo editing software. Vicki Lea-Boulter is an award-winning photographer and photo editor and when you see some of the pictures she’s produced, you’ll understand why.

Naturally, not everyone can produce pictures of that quality, but our tutorials on the Photos and Camera apps, the Apple Pencil and other iOS photography apps show you how to get the most from your photography. We also round up the best photography peripherals and apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as reviewing the amazing DxO PhotoLab plus a very capable photo printer.

Elsewhere, we have an interview with Kaspersky Lab’s David Emm on digital security, reviews of some great headphones and earbuds and a Mac and iOS app that lets you stream Xbox One games to your Apple gear. Plus in our competition, you could win a pair of Plantronics Bluetooth gym earbuds, so make sure you enter today!

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