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Your essential guide to Apple’s iPad Air, its new apps and iPadOS 15

  • 170 pages of iPad Air & iPadOS 15 guides and tutorials
  • Download and read anywhere, on any compatible device
  • Discover new functionality and uses with expert tutorials
  • All your iPad Air questions answered and problems solved

With iPadOS 15, the iPad Air’s operating system goes from strength to strength. It packs some great new features, including big updates to the Music, Files and Photos apps, a powerful new universal search feature and redesigned Home page widgets. The Home page sidebar is now even more customisable than before, putting all sorts of information gleaned from your iPad at your fingertips. Connecting a Bluetooth mouse is much easier and more productive and the iPad can make better use of a keyboard or a gaming controller too. With our help, you can get the very most from your iPad Air and its iPadOS 15, so let’s get started!

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Complete iPad Air & iPadOS 15 Guidebook

iOS 15 Basics

If you’re new to the iPad Air, this is the place to start. We show you how to set up your iPad out of the box, including getting an Apple ID and registering your finger with Touch ID. Getting onto the Internet with your iPad is explained, as is configuring the Mail app to send and receive emails. With our help, you’ll soon be up and running with your amazing Apple iPad Air.

iPadOS Apps

One of the best things about your Apple tablet is the apps that come bundled with iPadOS 15. There’s Mail for sending and receiving emails, Safari for surfing the web and Calendar, Reminders and Notes for organising your life. For photographers, there’s Photos and Camera and for music lovers, there’s Music. We show you all this and lots more.

Do More with Your iPad

When you’re ready to take things further, we show you some of the iPad Air’s more advanced features. Did you know your iPad can multitask, using more than one app on the screen at once? Or that you can store documents and data in the cloud with iCloud Drive? Or that you can customise your iPad’s screen and sounds? We show you how to do all this and even more.

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