iPad for Seniors
Vol 21

If you own an iPad, or are thinking about buying one, and would like to know more about how to use the amazing Apple tablet, this is the guide for you.

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We take you through the iPad’s basic functions such as the keyboard and the touchscreen, show you how to use its key apps and bring you guides to its more advanced features. iPad for Seniors is up to date with the brand new iOS 11 operating system too; we show you how to use its great new features.

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iPad Basics Explained

Assuming no prior knowledge, we show you how to use the iPad’s key features such as touchscreen gestures, the on-screen keyboard and the dock. We also show you how to take your iPad onto the Internet and set up your email accounts on your Apple tablet.

Key Apps Covered

We show you how to use all the iPad’s key apps, bringing you their basic functions and more advanced features. You can take your first steps with an app you’ve never opened before and maybe learn something new about an app you use every day.

Up to Date with iOS 11

All our tutorials are completely up to date with Apple’s iOS 11 operating system. We show you how to download and install the new iOS 11 for free; and bring you guides to all of its new features, such as pinned notes in the Notes app and the new look iPad dock.