BDM’s Instant Expert – Windows 10 Bundle

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Everything you need to master Windows 10!


    • 5 high-quality PDF guidebooks, focused on Windows 10
    • Over 730 pages of guides, tips and tutorials 
    • Save money! Download instantly! Read anywhere!

This amazing guidebook bundle contains guides to everything from setting up Windows for the first time, to making the most of the Google suite of tools on your PC and protecting your computer from malware and viruses.

Get over 730 pages of guides, tips and tutorials for just £4.99, saving a huge 85% off the original RRP. The guidebooks are delivered instantly, in PDF format, meaning you can read them almost anywhere.

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1. Windows 10 Beginners Guide

From first time installation and setup to using the core apps and keeping your PC safe, Windows 10 – The Beginners’ Guide shows you everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft’s best operating system. Whether you are a long time PC user or a complete Windows novice booting up your first laptop, there is something new to learn inside.

2. Complete Google Guidebook

There is so much more to Google than just searching online! From humble beginnings as a search engine, Google now provides email with free online storage, photo management and editing, social networking with millions of users, one of the best Internet browsers around, the biggest video site in the world, the market-leading smartphone operating system, interactive maps and navigation, a free blogging platform and much, much more.

3. Protect Your PC

The modern digital age is an incredible resource and an astounding human achievement. However, alongside the wealth of information at your fingertips, there are more nefarious elements at work. We live in an increasingly digital reliant world and there are those out there who would stop at nothing to swindle, cheat, destroy and cause utter mayhem with our information.

4. Windows 10 Solutions

Windows 10 Solutions is everything you need to keep your PC running smoothly, quickly and securely. From setting up a new Microsoft account properly, to customising and maintaining the OS with third-party software, this guide will let you make Windows 10 your own. With simple-to-follow tutorials, you can learn to fix those things that annoy you about the operating system and improve its performance.

5. All About Apps

Our team of application experts have sourced the very best apps from all the key user categories. Inside you will find the perfect mix of app classics and new releases, or a seasoned user, all your app questions are answered within these pages.

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