Instant Expert PC Tricks and Tips Bundle


An exclusive bundle of tech guidebooks to help you get more from your PC

  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Over 350 pages of PC and computing guides, tips and tutorials
  • Save over 84% on the original SRP of the included guidebooks

This brilliant bundle of 4 PC and computing guidebooks contains over 350 pages of guides, tips and tutorials to help you learn a new skill, or improve the skills you already have. You will save 84% on the SRP of these guidebooks, letting you learn for an unbeatable bargain price!

These digital editions can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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Instant Expert PC Tricks and Tips Bundle

Included in this bargain bundle of publications you will find these four complete titles, as listed below.

Windows 10 Tricks and Tips


No matter if you have been using the latest Windows OS since its release, or if you are only just beginning to use it, Windows 10 Tricks and Tips is full of useful advice, essential tips and all you need to take your computing knowledge to the next level. Our step-by-step guides and tutorials make it easy to get the most from your computer, and there is something new to learn on every page.

Make Your Own PC Tricks and Tips


Make Your Own PC For Beginners is the first and best choice if you want to save money by building your own PC! Whether you have never seen the inside of a computer or you have some basic knowledge, this guide is the perfect way to increase your understanding and bolster your confidence in PC building. Helpfully broken up into core sections, this guide book is all you need to build a brilliant PC.

Cloud Computing Tricks and Tips


Cloud computing is everywhere you look, offering home, small to medium businesses and enterprise users a new way in which to support and utilise their infrastructure and data. While the cloud may come with many concerns, chiefly that of data security, it’s one of the fastest growing and interesting aspects of modern computing.

Online Security Tricks and Tips


Learn how to protect your yourself and yourself online! The perfect guide to help you recognise those threats and to help you prepare your computer to avoid ever becoming the victim of an online attack. Within these pages you’ll find practical advice on what to look out for; how threats, viruses, malware and social engineering works; and more importantly how to defend your computer, and how to fix your computer if you’re infected.

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