Instant Expert – Coding for Beginners Bundle

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The ultimate beginners bundle for anyone wanting to learn how to code or explore programming!

    • 9 high-quality PDF guidebooks, focused on Coding, Python and Linux 
    • Over 650 pages of guides, tips and tutorials
    • Save money! Download instantly! Read anywhere!

This amazing guidebook bundle contains guides to everything from writing your first Python code, to building projects with Raspberry Pi and mastering Linux, MacOS and Windows 10.

Get over 650 pages of guides, tips and tutorials for just £6.99, saving a huge 80% off the original RRP. The guidebooks are available instantly upon purchase, in PDF format, meaning you can read them almost anywhere.

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Coding for Beginners Bundle

This huge digital bundle contains 9 separate guidebooks. All are written by authors with years of experience of the subjects they cover, and are designed to make it easier for beginners to get started with the technology around them.

Upon purchase, all of the PDF books in this bundle will be available to download instantly. The PDF file format means that you can read any of them on almost any device, from your laptop to your iPhone.

This digital bundle contains:


  • Coding for Beginners
  • Python & C++ for Beginners
  • Raspberry Pi for Beginners
  • Python for Beginners
  • Linux for Beginners
  • Linux Mint for Beginners
  • Mac OS Catalinafor Beginners
  • Windows 10 for Beginners
  • Online Security for Beginners
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