BDM’s Instant Expert – Photography Bundle

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Everything you need to take your Photography skills to the next level


    • 5 high-quality guidebooks, focused on all types of photography
    • Over 830 pages of photography guides, tips & tutorials
    • Save money! Download instantly! Read anywhere!

This huge guidebook bundle contains guides to everything you need to take your photography skills to a whole new level. From how to set up a brand new camera, to the techniques the experts use to make every photo a perfect slice of time!

Get over 830 pages of guides, tips and tutorials for just £9.99, saving a huge 80% off the original RRP. The guidebooks are delivered instantly, in PDF format, meaning you can read them almost anywhere.

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1. Black & White Photography – Complete Guide

This essential guide is written by professional photographers who wish to introduce you to the creative possibilities that this amazing medium has to offer. Many black and white photographic topics are covered to guide you on your way to shooting and editing your images like a true professional.

2. The Ultimate Photography Masterclass

There has never been a better time to learn photography. Imaging technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the space of just a few short years. To get the best out of your camera, you need a good understanding of the fundamentals. This guide is designed to introduce you to the main technical aspects and core concepts of photography.

3. Landscape Photography Guidebook

The aim of this bookazine is to help you, the budding landscape photographer, into the world of photography; to explore cameras, lenses and accessory options and then to help you get the best out of them. Whether you’re just looking to take your holiday snaps or you’re interested in landscape photography as a hobby and would like to know more about it, we’re here to help you.

4. Complete Outdoor Photography

Learn the techniques the professionals use to shoot a wide variety of photographic subjects. Our tutorials cover such diverse subjects as star trail photography, outdoor macro, forced perspective, daytime long exposure and crystal ball photography. Learn techniques that the professionals use. Photography is not some dark art known to a select few, it’s an amazing and enjoyable way to express your creativity and skill.

5. GoPro – The Complete Guide

You have a GoPro, so now what? We have some great guides and tips for having fun with your camera on land, and water and in the sky too. The potential afforded you by the GoPro range with all its capabilities and accessories, makes it a truly versatile little action camera. You don’t have to be an extreme mountaineer or dedicated surfer dude; anyone who loves capturing moments of action and fun will love using one too. Our guides are here to show you how.

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