BDM’s Instant Expert – Coding Bundle

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Everything you need to learn more about Linux & Coding


    • 5 High-quality guidebooks, focused on Linux & Coding
    • Over 910 pages of guide, tips & tutorials
    • Save money! Download instantly! Read anywhere!

This amazing guidebook bundle contains guides to everything you need to get started with Linux, Coding and Raspberry Pi. From setting up linux for the first time, to creating Python scripts and building Raspberry Pi projects.

Get over 910 pages of guides, tips and tutorials for just £9.99, saving a huge 79% off the original RRP. The guidebooks are delivered instantly, in PDF format, meaning you can read them almost anywhere.

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1. Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide

If you want to know everything about your Pi, then Raspberry Pi – The Beginners’ Guide is the perfect book for you. With a Raspberry Pi you can learn to code, build your own web server, create interesting and amazing projects and even build a robot. This book will help you through the entire Raspberry Pi experience, from buying your first RPi to getting it up and running and beyond.

2. The Ubuntu Manual

Ubuntu offers you a complete desktop package out-of-the-box, consisting of a productivity suite compatible with Microsoft Office, media playback, programming and app development, as well as security and stability. What’s more, it’s free; completely free to download, install and use, and it always will be too! If you’ve ever wondered how Ubuntu works, how to install and use it, and how to experiment and tweak it to your own personal tastes, then this is the manual for you.

3. Complete Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a remarkably user-friendly entry into the wider world of Linux but within these pages we dig a little deeper into how to administer and manage it. You can learn how to add users, set up a firewall and even how to personalise and customise the desktop and other elements. If you’ve ever wanted your own unique operating system, then this book will help you achieve that goal.

4. Linux & Open Source Manual

Linux may not have the user numbers that Microsoft or Apple enjoy but those who have adopted the open source world into their digital life have found this remarkable operating system, and the available free programs it offers, a breath of fresh air. Linux offers the user a fast, secure environment, free from bloated software, to work and play on. Not only are you able to configure it to your own personal tastes, you can also enjoy a superb everyday desktop operating system that’s developed by a community of like-minded users.

5. Coding Tricks, Tips & Fixes

It’s not easy being a beginner but with Coding – Tricks, Tips & Fixes to help you out, you can soon learn how to get coding. This book covers everything you need to know to get the most from your coding experience, along with all the essential hints and tips, tutorials and type-in code, guides and necessary information to help make you a better coder.

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