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Everything you need to master your Apple devices


    • 5 high-quality guidebooks, focused on iPhone, iPad and Mac
    • Over 730 pages of Apple guides, tips & tutorials
    • Save money! Download instantly! Read anywhere!

This essential guidebook bundle contains guides to everything you need to get the most from your Apple devices. From first time iPhone setup, to mastering the iPadOS and getting more from the most popular Mac OS, Catalina.

Get over 730 pages of guides, tips and tutorials for just £9.99, saving a huge 74% off the original RRP. The guidebooks are delivered instantly, in PDF format, meaning you can read them almost anywhere.

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1. The iPadOS Manual

iPadOS is exciting, new and free. And The iPadOS Manual is here to tell you all about it. Its 160 pages are packed full of easy-to-follow guides and expert tutorials that tell you everything you need to know about iPadOS. For newcomers, we show you how to set up your iPad from scratch. If you already use an iPad, we show you how to update to iPadOS for free. All its key apps are laid bare and, when you’re ready to move on, we show you how to use its more advanced features such as iCloud, Notifications and Siri.

2. iOS 13 iPhone Guidebook

Check out how to use all of the iOS 13 key features and enhancements. We instruct you on updating to the new operating system, setting up your iPhone for the first time and using it for entertainment, productivity and more, but ultimately, how to get the most from all the new features and revised apps iOS 13 brings. The iPhone has some great advanced features, such as Siri, the iCloud service, Notifications, Screen Time and more. We even show you how to customise your screen and your ringtones.

3. The macOS Catalina Manual

The Mac’s operating system, macOS, is always evolving. The latest release, Catalina, drops that old warhorse iTunes and replaces it with three new apps; TV, Music and Podcasts. The Find My app is also new, and is great for keeping track of your friends and your Apple gear, and the new Sidecar feature lets you use your iPad as a second screen or an input device. There are also new features included in Mail, Safari, Notes, Reminders and more, as well as an awesome new Photos app. In this book, we take a look at all this and more!

4. The Cloud Computing Guidebook

Cloud computing is everywhere you look, offering home, small to medium businesses and enterprise users a new way in which to support and utilise their infrastructure and data. While the cloud may come with many concerns, chiefly that of data security, it’s one of the fastest growing and interesting aspects of modern computing.

5. All About Apps

Within these pages you will find reviews of the best applications. Our team of application experts have sourced the very best apps from all the key user categories. Inside you will find the perfect mix of app classics and new releases, or a seasoned user, all your app questions are answered within these pages.

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