Windows 10 for Seniors
Vol 19

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Installation and Setup Guides

Give yourself a firm foundation to start from. Learn the best way to get your PC set up with new user accounts and the all-important Microsoft account. Then explore the steps needed to help you safely update Windows 10, keep it running smoothly and make sure that you have access to all the newest features.

Essential Beginners Guides

From sending emails and chatting on Skype, to customising the Start menu and using the Windows Store, this guide is crammed full of step-by-step guides that are perfect for any Windows 10 user. Whether you have been using Windows for a while or if you have just bought your first PC, there is something new to be found on every page.

New User Tips and Tricks

Using Windows successfully is all about knowing the little tips and tricks that make seemingly difficult tasks easier. With every page filled to bursting with great advice and invaluable time saving shortcuts, Windows 10 for Seniors is the guide for helping you go from Windows novice to an expert in the making!

Windows 10 Security Guides

Some of the most important elements of Windows 10, and something everyone who uses a computer online should know more about, are the security and privacy features. There’s Windows sign-in, Family options and Windows Defender, as well as third-party anti-virus software. These vital subjects are explored fully inside this book.