Windows 10 for Seniors Vol 22

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Essential guides, tips and advice for getting the most from Windows 10!

Windows 10 brings so many innovative and amazing features that are designed to help you make the most of this digital, modern age. With it you can keep in touch with family and friends around the globe, get the latest headlines as they happen, edit and present your photos and much, much more. Regardless of whether you’re a long time PC user or a complete Windows novice, Windows 10 for Seniors shows you everything you need to master the world’s most popular operating system.

Getting Started

The Windows desktop has changed significantly over the years and a newcomer to Windows 10 can be forgiven for feeling a little lost. We show you how to use the new functions, where to go to find your files, how to keep Windows 10 up to date and how to manage the system’s notifications. You can quickly learn more about how Windows works and how to make it work for you.

Personalising Windows

One of the great benefits of Windows 10 is the ability to customise it and personalise the way it looks and behaves so it’s unique to you. Such personalisation helps you become more efficient and effective when using Window’s many features and keeps the system tidy and free from clutter. From the desktop to changing Internet browsers and creating on-screen sticky notes to disabling annoying adverts, we cover it all.

Getting Online

The Internet is an incredible place that’s full of all manner of information, new hobbies, places of interest and ground-breaking technology, but it also has a darker side. Windows 10 for Seniors helps you through the minefield of Internet-borne threats and informs you on how you can keep safe when online, as well as improving your right to privacy. Discover how to back up your important files and more importantly, how to recover them in the event of an emergency.

Windows 10 Software

There are countless programs and apps available for Windows 10 but how do you get to them? Discover inside, the best Windows Store apps for connecting to others, editing and managing your pictures and getting into social media. Learn how to master the Windows 10 Maintenance Tools, create a Windows security checklist and remove unwanted Windows 10 bloatware. Troubleshooting your OS is easy with Windows 10 for Seniors.

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Apr 2018

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