The iPad Seniors Manual Vol 24

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Jul 18

The iPad Seniors Manual Vol 24

160 pages packed with jargon-free, easy-to-follow guides and tutorials that really help you get the best from your Apple tablet.

Stay in Touch with Friends & Family

We show you how to use the iPad’s famous communication apps, such as Mail, the iPad’s email client; Messages, for text chat; and FaceTime, for video and audio phone calls over the Internet. Now you can keep in touch with all your friends and family members.

Guides to Social Media Apps

If you’re mystified by Facebook and flummoxed by Twitter, our guides to these popular social networking apps will help make sense of them. We show you how to set up and use accounts on both apps. We also show you how to get more from eBay on your iPad.

Apps for Seniors Reviewed

One of the best things about your Apple iPad is being able to download more apps whenever you like; some are free, while others paid for. We round up some of the most exciting and useful apps for the senior iPad user and show what they can do for you.