Tablets for Seniors Vol 11


User-friendly tablet computer tutorials for mature users!

    • Learn how to keep your device safe and virus free
    • Email, Security, Messaging and Internet explained
    • Watch movies and TV. Listen to and download music
    • Jargon free tips and guides designed for seniors

Starting to use an Android tablet my seem like embarking on learning a whole new language but with this easy-to-use tablet guide in hand, even a complete beginner can soon become an Android expert! This is the perfect user manual for all mature Android tablet users, no matter what your current level of experience.

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Tablets for Seniors Vol 11

Getting Started with Android

Learn how to get started with your Android device, from sending emails to customising the home screen and choosing widgets. Find out the best way to set up your phone and the easiest way to get online; discover how to make the device your own and how to share images with friends, all in detailed step-by-step guides.

Get More From Your Tablet

With Android tablets available in a range of sizes and to suit almost any budget, there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy reading an e-book, playing Candy Crush or browsing the web on the go. As both the hardware and the Android operating system matures, the possibilities of what you can do on an Android tablet will both amaze and delight you.

Essential App Guides

Discover those apps we think are an essential part of any users Android experience, including communication, educational and productivity apps. Not only that but learn how to find and install any further apps you might want, and how to manage them once installed. As if that wasn’t enough our Android Glossary will help you become familiar with everything Android.

Your Questions Answered

Including solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions about Android, we show you how to prolong the battery life on your tablet, as well as showing you the best way to protect your device from harm. Learn how to protect and backup your important data, files and images, and learn what to do if you experience problems when using Android.

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