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Easy to follow user guides and tutorials for your iPhone and apps!

  • Download and read this digital edition anywhere on any compatible device
  • Over 180 pages of iPhone user guides, tips and tutorials
  • Understand your iPhone’s apps and iOS 14
  • Protect your personal data and stay safe online

Your iPhone can do more than you think, and our user guides will show you how to do more. Even apps you use every day might boast features of which you’re unaware. Over the 180 pages of fully-illustrated user guides, we get to the heart of your iPhone, the apps that come with it and the amazing operating system on which it runs, iOS 14. You get to learn all sorts of tricks and tips that allow you to get the most from your amazing Apple smartphone.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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iPhone users guides, written for seniors

Learn how to get more from your iPhone and iOS, with step-by-step user guides, tips and tutorials, designed to make understanding your phone easier, faster and less frustrating.

Master iPhone Photography

Our guides to the Photos and Camera apps let you squeeze every last ounce of power from your iPhone’s camera, and then edit your pictures to perfection.

For Work and Play

Whether you use your iPhone to organise your life or for entertainment purposes, we show you the best apps to use and how to get more from them.

Advanced Tips Covered

As well as guides to your iPhone’s basics, we also cover advanced features like iCloud, the iCloud Drive and Siri. It’s all in iPhone for Seniors.

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