iPad for Seniors Vol 23


Your essential step-by-step user manual for your iPad!

Your iPad can do more than you think. iPad for Seniors helps you get the very most from your Apple tablet, with crystal clear guides and plain English tutorials, written with the mature iPad user in mind. We show you how to set it up out of the box, including how to register for an Apple ID and use its basic functionality such as touchscreen gestures and the virtual keyboard.

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iPad for Seniors Vol 23

All its key apps are covered, including their less well known features of which you might not be aware, and we also teach you about the iPad and iOS’s advanced functions such as Siri and Accessibility. Why should the kids have all the fun? With iPad for Seniors, you’ll soon be adept at using your iPad.

Ideal for the Internet

We show you how to take your iPad online and set up your various email accounts with the Mail client. We also teach you how to get the most from the iPad’s key Internet applications, such as the Safari web browser, Mail email app and the Apple Music streaming service.

Brilliant for Beginners

iPad for Seniors assumes no prior knowledge. We show you how to set up your iPad, including how to reset a secondhand tablet to factory conditions. With our help you can master the iPad’s basic features but also how to benefit from its more advanced capabilities.

Superb for Security

If you’re worried about hackers or thieves, this is the book for you. We show you how to set up a secure password to keep snoopers out of your iPad; and also how to trace and hopefully get back a lost or stolen tablet. We also bring you a guide to the most common iPad problems, and how to solve them.

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First Published

Apr 2018

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