iPad for Seniors Vol 20

Your indispensable guide to iPad, its features and apps.

Are you getting the most from your iPad? Do you use its apps and features to the fullest, or is much of what they can do still a mystery? Never fear, iPad for Seniors is here to help. Our step-by-step guides are written in plain English, so they’re ideal for beginners too.


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First Steps Explained

We show you how to set up your brand new, or second hand, iPad for the first time; and also how to get your tablet onto the Internet and set up your email accounts. The iPad’s famous gesture controls and the virtual keyboard are covered too.

Key Apps and Features

We show you how to use all the iPad’s key applications, such as the Safari web browser, Mail for emails, Maps GPS app and more. We also teach you about the major features of the iOS operating system like Notifications and the Siri digital assistant.

For Work and Play

Whether you use your iPad to organise your life or for fun, there’s something here for you. We take you through the Contacts address book, Calendar, Notes and more; and also show you entertainment apps such as Music, Videos, Podcasts and iBooks.



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