Windows 10 The Beginners’ Guide Vol 29

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Everything you need to get the most from Windows 10 on your PC!

  • Over 145 pages of Windows 10 guides, tips and tutorials
  • Essential productivity and performance tips
  • Master the task of keeping your PC safe and secure
  • Learn how to get much more from Windows 10

Fully updated to include all the best features of the latest OS updates, Windows 10 – The Beginners Guide is essential to getting the most from Microsoft’s powerful operating system! From first-time installation and set up, to using the core apps and keeping your PC safe, no matter if you are a long time PC user or a complete Windows novice booting up your first laptop, there is something new to learn inside!

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Windows 10 The Beginners’ Guide Vol 29

Accounts and Set up

Learn how to get your Windows 10 PC set up properly; from creating a new Microsoft account and sign in options, to keeping the operating system up to date, these are the fi rst, essential steps every new Windows 10 user should follow!

Do More with Windows

Get to grips with the core desktop tools in Windows 10. Learning how to use the Start menu, taskbar, Action center and other OS tools properly will help you to do more, with ease, right from the start. And will make taking your knowledge further, pain-free.

Windows 10 Security

Keeping yourself, your data and your PC safe and secure is as important now as it has ever been. Learn how to defend against viruses, malware and other Internet threats, as well as how to boost user privacy and what to do in the event of a hack.

Essential Tips and Tricks

Using Windows successfully is all about knowing the little tips and tricks, which make seemingly diffi cult tasks easier. With every page fi lled to bursting with great advice and invaluable time-saving shortcuts, this is THE guide for helping you go from Windows novice to Windows expert!

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Nov 2019

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