Photoshop Elements for Beginners Vol 21


Your essential guide to mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements!

    • Image editing tutorials to get you inspired
    • Learn how to organise your favourite photos
    • Make your images look amazing
    • Over 847 tips, tutorials & guides

If you are new to Adobe products, cataloguing your photos and digitally manipulating them may seem like a whole new world you have to conquer. Do not worry though, we will guide you through the basics and get you started on your way to becoming a skilled user of the software. With the help of this guide, you can learn to import, tag, organise and edit your photos in no time at all.

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Photoshop Elements for Beginners Vol 21

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great option for those who want an extensive toolset that can take on most of their image editing needs, without the requirement of highly advanced features such as you would find in Photoshop CC. It is also a great choice for those who want one-click solutions to their image editing needs, or perhaps want to start to learn how to take on the more involved techniques and tools that Elements has to offer.

Whether you want to organise and catalogue your images, fix a dark photo, make it more vibrant, or take on more advanced photo editing challenges, this guide will take you through the process in easy-to-follow steps.

Choose your module

Elements is comprised of various modules. The first is the Photo Editor where you can digitally edit and manipulate your photos. It is broken down into three main modes with its own particular set of tools and options. You have the Quick Edit module for simple and fast edits using basic tools and presets. We can show you how to use colour correction, lighting fixes and more.

A helping hand

The next module is concerned with Guided edits. These are mostly automated step-by-step guides and you can choose from a selection of tutorials to get the effect you want. There are a number of basic guided edits as well as more fun and advanced edits. We have a handy reference guide to them all.

Expert mode

As the name implies, in this mode you are given more control over how you work with your photos. Expert mode gives you access to all the main editing tools so you can apply more advanced edits to your photos. This guide takes you through the various tools available and finishes off with some more involved projects to really show how you can be a master image manipulator.

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