Macs The Beginners Guide Vol 31 – Digital Download


Your essential guide to the Mac, its apps and its features!

  • Download and read anywhere on any compatible device
  • Over 145 pages of guides, tips and tutorials for the Mac
  • A complete Apple Mac & MacBook user manual
  • Discover the latest range of Mac & MacBook hardware
  • Learn how to use the Mac pre-installed apps and software

If you’re new to the Mac and want to learn more, this is the book for you. Using plain-English, fully illustrated tutorials, we guide you through the Mac’s basic functions, bundled apps and advanced features. If you’ve not yet bought a Mac, our hardware guide shows you the current Mac range, including both desktop and notebook models. If you need help setting it up, we show you how to do so, alongside taking your Mac onto the Internet and getting started with email.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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Macs The Beginners Guide Vol 31

The Mac’s basics such as gestures, the desktop, Finder and menus are all catered for, as well as its great apps like the Safari web browser and Mail email app. Finally, our section on the Mac’s advanced features help you take things further.

Easy to Follow

Our plain-English guides are fully illustrated with full-colour screenshots, making our tutorials really easy to follow.

For Work and Play

Whether you use your Mac for leisure, or professionally, our guides to its apps and features are just what you need.

Free Apps

When you’re ready to download and use some more great Mac apps, check out our round up of brilliant free software.

Ideal for the Internet

We show you how to both get online and use the Mac’s Internet apps such as Safari, Mail, Apple Music and more.

For all Recent Macs

We cover all recent models of the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Mac Pro.

Up to Date

We’re completely up to date with the latest version of the Mac’s operating system, macOS 10.14: Mojave.



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