Mac The Beginners’ Guide Vol 27

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The ultimate new user manual for the Apple Mac & MacBook!

Mac – The Beginners’ Guide is the perfect companion for your desktop or notebook Mac. Its pages are packed with guides, tips and tutorials for the Mac’s key bundled apps and its operating system, macOS. Fully illustrated and written in plain English, our step-by-step guides show you how to use your Mac and its features. If you’re still thinking about which Mac to buy, our hardware guide helps you choose. We take you through the initial setup of your Mac and show you how to take it onto the Internet and use it for email and web browsing. We also take you through the basics of using a Mac, such as the desktop and the Dock, and show you how to use all its key apps. It’s all in Mac – The Beginners’ Guide!

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Mac The Beginners’ Guide Vol 27

More than 140 pages of high-quality guides, tips and tutorials for new Mac users, all written in plain English!

Getting Started Made Easy

Mac – The Beginners’ Guide assumes no prior knowledge of the Mac. We start at the very beginning, helping you choose the best Mac for your needs, and then show you how to set up your new or second hand Mac from scratch.

Written in Plain English

We keep technical talk to a minimum and provide a glossary for terms with which you might not be familiar. All our tutorials and guides are illustrated, with a screenshot for each step, making them really easy to follow.

For Work and Play

Whatever you plan to use your computer for, Mac – The Beginners’ Guide shows you how. We take you through entertainment apps such as iTunes, Videos, iBooks and Photos along with productivity apps like Contacts and Calendar.

Taking Things Further

When you’re ready to go further with your Mac, we take you through some of its more advanced features, such as Notifications, the Siri personal digital assistant and the iCloud service. You’ll soon be using your Mac like an expert!

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