iPhone The Beginners Guide Vol 22

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Everything you need to know to get started with your iPhone!

If you’re new to the iPhone and want to learn about Apple’s excellent smartphone, this is the book for you. Our fully illustrated guides and tutorials for the iPhone, its key software applications (or ‘apps’) and its operating system, iOS 11, assume no prior knowledge and are written in plain English, with a minimum of technical jargon. With our help, you can get more from your iPhone, quickly and easily.

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iPhone The Beginners Guide Vol 22

Hundreds of tutorials, guides and tips for anyone wanting to get more from their new iPhone!

For Absolute Beginners

Our guides are great if you’ve never used an iPhone before. We take you through the initial setup process, show you how to use the phone’s basic features such as the touchscreen and on-screen keyboard and how to take your phone onto the Internet for the web and for email services.

Key Apps Explained

We show you how to use the iPhone’s bundled apps such as the Safari web browser and the Mail email client. Their basic functionality is laid bare but their less well known features and capabilities are also explained. Even if you think you know all about an app, it’s still worth reading our tutorial.

Advanced Features Covered

When you’re ready to take things further, take a look at our section on the iPhone’s more advanced features, like the iCloud online storage and syncing service, the Siri digital assistant and wireless communication facilities such as Bluetooth and AirDrop. It’s all covered here.

Security Options Outlined

If you’re worried about a hacker getting into your iPhone and stealing your personal data, follow our security guide to help protect your information. We also show you ways to trace your phone if it’s lost or stolen, locking or erasing it and hopefully reuniting you with your smartphone.

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