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Everything you need to know about using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom!


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Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful and feature packed photo processor and image organiser designed to help photographers shoot, catalogue, edit, print and publish their images. Whether you want to use the classic desktop version or prefer to use the mobile cloud based software, we’re here to show you how you can make your photos look amazing!

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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Adobe Lightroom for Beginners

Learn Lightroom CC

Photoshop Lightroom CC is a cloud-based photo service. It is a substantially pared down version of its fully-featured desktop cousin Lightroom Classic. There is no doubt it is a faster and more streamlined product for enthusiasts to use across multiple desktop and mobile platforms, with plenty of powerful features so you can stay synchronised and edit your photos anywhere.

Lightroom Classic

Before we start looking at organising, editing and publishing photos on your desktop, let’s take a moment to understand what Adobe Lightroom is all about; how it differs from Photoshop, how you download and install it and how you get started with importing your photos for processing. Your journey starts here!

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