The iOS 15 iPhone GuideBook – Print Edition


Your essential guide to the iPhone, its new apps and iOS 15!

  • Over 160 pages of iPhone and iOS 15 guides, tips and tutorials
  • Get this high-quality print edition delivered to your door
  • Master your iPhone and the brand new iOS 15
  • All of the new apps and features explained inside

iOS is the operating system that underpins everything that happens on your iPhone. The latest version, iOS 15, brings a wealth of new features and improvements. The iOS 15 iPhone GuideBook brings you in-depth, plain-English guides to iOS 15’s new features and more. From setting up out of the box, to getting the most from its bundled apps and delving into its more advanced features, we have everything you need.

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The iOS 15 iPhone GuideBook

Getting Started
our guides and tutorials explain how to set up your iPhone out of the box, take it online for web browsing and email, use its basic features such as phone calls, the touchscreen and the keyboard, and more.

iPhone Apps Explained
We bring you in-depth guides to the iPhone’s key apps, installed with iOS 15. We cover the apps’ basic functions and also their advanced features. Find out about Safari, mail, messages, Facetime and more.

New in iOS 15!
the latest version of iOS brings all sorts of new features, such as Focus, a new design for Safari, great new Facetime features and live text. We cover them all with in-depth, fully-illustrated guides.

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