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The iOS 12 iPhone Guidebook Vol 24

Master the latest apps & functionality of Apple’s iOS 12!

  • Master your iPhone & iOS
  • Fully updated new edition
  • New features & apps explained
  • Packed with expert help

Apple’s new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr and the latest version of iOS 12, are here and they are amazing. We show you how to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 12 and how to use its amazing apps and features. At last, you can get the most from your new Apple iPhone and the stunning iOS 12.

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The iOS 12 iPhone Guidebook Vol 24

146 pages packed with guides, tips and tutorials for your iPhone and iOS 12!

Up to Date With iOS 12!

We bring you guides to the iPhone’s key features and apps, including the new ones introduced with iOS 12. With our help, you’ll soon be right up to date.

Get the Best Everytime

Whether you use your iPhone for business or pleasure, this book is for you. We show you how to use its entertainment features and its productivity apps.

Easy to Understand Guides

We keep jargon to a minimum, to make our tutorials easy to understand. They’re fully illustrated too, with a screen picture for every step along the way.

Get More From Your iPhone

We show you how to take your iPhone onto the Internet, set it up for email, browse the worldwide web, send messages, make video calls and stream movies and music.


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