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Complete Raspberry Pi Vol 31

Detailed guides to creating amazing Raspberry Pi projects!

  • 160-page guidebook
  • Step-by-step guides, tutorials and tips 
  • Learn to do more with your Raspberry Pi
  • Code and build advanced Pi projects
  • Boost your knowledge of coding

BDM’s Complete Raspberry Pi is your entry point into the wider world of the Pi. It can help you get started and discover what this amazing micro computer is capable of. Read on and learn how to unlock the potential of the Pi.

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Complete Raspberry Pi Vol 31

Great things come in small packages, even more so when the package is a Raspberry Pi. Despite its diminutive proportions, the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi packs a powerful processing punch along with some fantastic hardware to make it one of the best project-based, tiny computers available today.

Since its launch, the Raspberry Pi has been utilised in a variety of ingenious projects: from orbiting the Earth on board the International Space Station to analysing extreme weather conditions in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. It can also simply be an excellent living room media server and retro games console. Its versatility and malleability has fired the collective imaginations of school children, scientists, engineers, programmers and silver surfers alike.

Raspberry Pi Setup and Basics

Starting off is often the trickiest part of any technical project, so with that in mind we help you get up and running in no time. Our step-by-step tutorials and tips guide you through the process of which model Raspberry Pi’s are available, how they work, how you install an operating system on one and how you can turn it into a useable computer and the base for all your future projects.


We dive into the FUZE Project, one of the most exciting examples of what can be done with a Raspberry Pi, and see what’s on offer. With the FUZE you can use the Raspberry Pi as normal but incorporate some interesting extras you won’t find from a standard Pi setup. Our detailed guides walk you through the FUZE and its unique version of the BASIC programming language; we even include some coding tips to sink your teeth into.

Raspberry Pi Coding

The return of the ‘80s bedroom coder is one of the best examples of how the Raspberry Pi has
changed the world of technology. Harking back to a time when limited resources meant more imaginative programming, the Raspberry Pi embraces its technological heritage and provides a stable and easy to learn platform on which to begin coding with the latest version of Python.

Understanding Linux

The chief Raspberry Pi operating system is Raspbian, which is a Linux-based system. We take a look at how Linux works and how it differs from that of Windows or macOS. With our tutorials, you can begin to understand how the filesystem works, how to create and edit files and how to master the command line, where the real Linux work begins.

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