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User guides and expert tips for mastering your Canon camera!


  • Download and read this guidebook on any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Learn with over 145 pages of Canon camera and photography guides
  • Understand how your Canon camera modes and settings work
  • Photography projects and essential tips to enhance your creativity

Learn how to get the best photos from your Canon camera, discover the lenses and equipment that can help to do more, and master essential camera settings and photographic techniques, with The Ultimate Canon Photography Guide. Whether you are just looking to improve your holiday snaps, develop more skills as a creative photographer or searching for some interesting photography projects to try, this guidebook has something for everyone.

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The Ultimate Canon Photography Guide

Do you want to be able to take better photos with your Canon DSLR? Are you struggling to understand what the ISO, Aperture and Focal Length settings mean to the quality of your photographs? Thinking about buying a new lens but aren’t sure which type is best for what you want to capture? The Ultimate Canon Photography Guide is here to help you!

Featuring over 145 pages of Canon photography guides, tips and tutorials, ranging from camera settings basics (the understanding of which is essential to improving your photographic results) to full step-by-step photography projects you can try, this guidebook is perfect for complete beginners and for anyone who wants to get a bit more creative with their snaps.

Digital cameras have exploded in popularity in recent years and the level of innovation and technical advancement at the photographer’s disposal is beyond compare. We explore the some of the most popular cameras and lenses Canon offer, giving you the knowledge you need to choose your first Canon camera, or upgrade to a more advanced model.

Every page features tips, illustrations and inspirational photos, designed to make learning the most important photographic techniques easier. If you are tired of keeping your powerful Canon camera in Auto Mode, and want to spread your photographic wings, this is the guidebook for you.


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