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  • Learn the camera settings you need to capture in black and white
  • Discover the beauty of black and white portraits

Our aim is simple, we want to introduce you to the world of black and white photography and the creative possibilities that this medium has to offer. Black and white photography, to many, is the essence of what photography is all about. It is considered traditional, yet has a magic that is hard to deny. Many people who have been avid colour photographers, are pleasantly surprised by how magical monochromatic work can be. It suddenly opens up new avenues of creative endeavour that can become quite captivating.

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Black & White Photography Guidebook

The breadth of black and white imaging is considerable. With this in mind, we want to pass on essential advice regarding topics that cover a little history, aspects of portrait work, shooting landscapes, even abstract work as well as structure and composition. We hope you will discover a passion that takes your current photographic skills and adds a new level of artistic scope as you take a big step forward into new creative areas.

This essential guide is written by professional photographers who wish to introduce you to the creative possibilities that this amazing medium has to offer. Many black and white photographic topics are covered to guide you on your way to shooting and editing your images like a true professional.

Shoot Like a Professional

Learn more about creative black and white photography and discover how you can take better pictures with our easy to follow guides. Learn about the history of the medium and with our essential tips, utilise your camera and lenses to take better landscape photos and develop your lighting skills to enhance your portrait photography.

Gathered within these pages are numerous guides and tutorials to help you on your journey of photographic creativity including:

  • The origins of photography
  • History of black and white
  • Black and white core concepts
  • Seeing in black and white
  • Photography tips
  • Mono conversion techniques
  • Mono landscape photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Type of light modifiers
  • Lighting techniques and expert lighting diagrams
  • High-key portraiture
  • Low-key portraiture
  • Abstract black and white photography
  • Essential gear guide
  • Filter types and systems
  • Printing your photographs
  • Developing and printing black and white film
  • Dodge and burn technique
  • Sepia toning
  • Selective colour
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