Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Vol 22

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Everything you need to know about using Photoshop Lightroom!

    • More than 145 pages of easy-to-follow guides, tips and tutorials
    • Learn from digital photo editing professionals
    • Discover both mobile and desktop editing tricks
    • Master Lightroom for perfect photos every time

Lightroom may be the professional’s choice for image processing, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach of the beginner. After all, even the highest paid professional photographer had to start somewhere. Learning Lightroom can be fun and we are here to help you.

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Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Vol 22

The essentials

Within these pages, we show you how Lightroom works and how all its essential features can help you bring out the very best in your photos. We start at the beginning and walk you through what you need to know to get yourself up and running while exploring the Lightroom workspace.

Go mobile

Now, thanks to Lightroom CC, you can be a master image manipulator on the go. Your phone or tablet can now be as powerful as your desktop, thanks to the streamlined power of the Lightroom CC app. Meaning wherever you may find yourself, you have the image processing power you demand.

Modules and more

The desktop version of Lightroom comes with a set of unique modules. Each one is a workspace in its own right, with specialised tools that maximise your workflow and minimise the time you spend doing it. We go through these modules and explore what they can do for you.

Take it further

Contained within are tutorials that can show you how to adjust and edit your photos. Do you want to learn advanced techniques? Maybe you would like to understand more about black and white processing, editing on the go, or creating panoramas. We show you all this and more.

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Jun 2019

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