Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 24


Rediscover the gaming apps the App Store forgot!


There is no question that the combination of the App Store and iOS and iPadOS has seen developers pushing the limits of mobile gaming on the Apple platforms. With this issue of Essential Apple User we go back in time to take a look at the apps that have served as the building blocks that have made your iPad and your iPhone your favourite games console!

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Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 24

It will come as no surprise to gamers that Games is the most popular section of the App Store and always has bee! Our team of iOS gaming experts have reviewed the very best titles across the ages, and you’ll find the retro results right here. From famous names such as Metal Gear Solid, FIFA, Street Fighter, Tiger Woods, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy to iOS originals like Infinity Blade and Angry Birds, our comprehensive classic reviews database is crammed with the very best the retro App Store had to offer.

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