Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 21


The New iPad Owner Survival Guide!


We’re glad to see the back of a really strange 2020 but it wasn’t all bad. Apple brought us some cracking new products and presented them in a new way too. OS’s, iPhones, iPads, Apple Silicon along with the new Mac Mini and MacBook Air that contain them already, it bodes well for 2021 when the M1 chip is rolled out across the range. We’re kicking off this year with our guide to all things iPad as it’s a great Christmas gift and one of the most popular tablet devices by far, even if you bought it for yourself.

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Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 21

In the Autumn of 2020, Apple lifted the lid on two brand new iPads; the fourth generation of the popular iPad Air and the eighth generation of the regular iPad. The new tablets joined Apple’s iPad Pro and iPad mini, two models that weren’t updated but are still going strong. iPad’s range of smart tablets now looks impressively strong, with the new Air benefitting from technology developed for the Pro and the iPad is a great alternative for those on a budget. If you want a smaller tablet, take a look at the iPad mini and for high-needs users, the iPad Pro still rules supreme.

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