Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 17


iOS 14: What we think of the latest iPhone OS!

2020 has presented some challenges no thanks to COVID-19 and with various levels of ‘lockdown’ many people have taken advantage of getting outdoors as often as allowed. Whether it’s to keep fit or just enjoy a walk and take some photos, we have compiled this issue with that in mind. We feature the Apple Watch and also focus on what mobile phone photography has to offer. Finally we take you through some great macOS Mojave features ahead of the forthcoming update ‘Big Sur’ due in the Fall.

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Essential AppleUser Magazine Vol 17

Apple has unveiled the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating systems, and they’re looking good, but not everything in the applecart is rosy. Let’s take a look at eight new things that excite us about September’s launch, and eight causes for concern.


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