Complete Manual for Samsung Galaxy Vol 23

Everything you need to get more from your Galaxy!

The Samsung Galaxy Manual is all about giving you the tools to take full advantage of your device, whether that is a old Galaxy S5 or a brand new Tab S3. Covering everything from making the best use of core features, to protecting your phone or tablet from viruses, you are sure to find great new ways to get more from you Samsung Galaxy inside.


Your Samsung Galaxy Explained

Samsung’s Galaxy OS can seem confusingly complex when you use it for the first time. We’ll help to make things seem simple. Detailed step-by-step guides take you through the key stages of setting up your phone or tablet, allowing you to enjoy the features of your device without the frustration that often comes with being a new user.

Essential Android Tutorials

Detailed step-by-step guides take you through getting the most from some of the preinstalled apps and features your Samsung Galaxy has to offer. Not only that, you will also find in-depth tutorials for some of the most popular Google and third-party apps around, allowing you to discover and get more from your device every time you use it.

Get More from Your Galaxy

Whether you have a Galaxy S6 or S7, a Note phone or the brilliant S2 tablet, there is sure to be something new to discover within these pages. From using the unique edge tools or using Air Command, to disabling bloatware and setting up fingerprint recognition, this is your essential guide to doing more with your Samsung Galaxy.

Advanced Guides and Troubleshooting

All of your hardware, app and connection problems solved inside. Learn the solutions to some of the most common problems encountered on Android smartphones and tablets; and if you want to go even further, you can learn everything you need to know about rooting and root apps. Find out why lots of Android users are unlocking the power to customise their device the way they want.


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