Samsung Galaxy Tab Guidebook
Vol 25

Step-by-step tutorials for your Samsung tablet!

Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet is great for checking emails, browsing the Internet and managing your communications, but it is also great for so much more. Watching videos, playing games, organising your time and navigating your way around the country are all possible with Android on your device. With a Samsung Galaxy tablet in one hand and this manual in the other, the world of portable communications and entertainment is all yours!


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From Beginner to Expert!

Starting to use an Android tablet can seem like embarking on learning a whole new language,
especially Samsung tablets with their custom features. However, with this easy-to-use tablet guide
in hand, even a complete beginner can soon become a Galaxy expert. This is the perfect manual for
all Samsung tablet users, whatever your current level of experience is.

Get More From Your Tablet

The hardware and the Android operating system have matured and the possibilities of what you can
do on a tablet have expanded and improved. With Samsung Galaxy tablets available in a range of
sizes, and to suit almost any budget, there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy reading an ebook,
playing console quality games or browsing the web on the go.

Essential Step-by-step Guides

The Galaxy Tab Manual is perfect for anyone wanting to get more from their device. It’s filled with
essential step-by-step guides, tips and app tutorials; so if you want to set up an email account, get
started on Facebook or just customise the Home screen, everything you need to get started on your
Samsung tablet is here.

Your Questions Answered!

Inside this guide we will show you how to prolong the battery life of your tablet, as well as showing
you the best way to protect your device from harm. Learn how to protect and back up your
important data, files and images; and learn what to do if you experience problems when using your
Galaxy tab.


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Vol 25”