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  • Over 800 tutorials, tips and fixes for Samsung Galaxy
  • Keep your Samsung Galaxy safe and secure
  • Master the latest Galaxy apps and features
  • For ALL Galaxy Smartphones & Tablets

Samsung Galaxy devices continue to bring innovations and unique features with every update, and learning how to make the most of them is what this guidebook is all about! The Samsung Galaxy Guidebook is packed full of guides, tips and tutorials, for everything from biometric security to using the camera, so whether you are a complete Galaxy newbie, or have been using the devices for years, there is something within these pages for you.

This PDF edition can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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The Samsung Galaxy Guidebook Vol 30

Mastering Your Samsung Galaxy

Learn how to get started with your Samsung Galaxy, from making calls and sending text messages, to downloading apps and taking photos. Find out the best way to set up your phone or tablet and the easiest way to protect it and keep it running smoothly. Get your Galaxy set up and working the way you want it and everything that comes afterwards is easier, quicker, and less likely to cause frustration.

Essential Android Tutorials

Detailed step-by-step guides take you through getting the most from some of the pre-installed apps and features your Samsung Galaxy has to offer. But not only that, you can also find in-depth tutorials to some of the most popular Google and third-party apps, as well as an in-depth guide to using the Google Home smart speaker.

Get More from Your Galaxy

No matter if you have a Galaxy S8 or S10, or the latest S5 tablet, there is sure to be something new to discover within these pages. From disabling bloatware and setting up fingerprint recognition, to mastering the camera and making the most of your photos, this is your essential guide to everything Samsung Galaxy.

Advanced Guides and Tips

We are sure that you will want to keep your shiny new Samsung Galaxy device running as smoothly as possible, and for as long as possible. Our expert guides will introduce you to developers’ options, show you the best ways to prolong the battery life, protect your phone or tablet from prying eyes and the threat of viruses and how to reduce data usage and create a full backup.



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