The Samsung Galaxy Guidebook Vol 29


Learn how to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy!

    • 146 Pages, featuring 827 guides, tricks and tips
    • Master your Google Home Speaker
    • We show you how to take better photos
    • Essential security and privacy tips

Mastering your smartphone doesn’t need to be a chore and with this easy-to-use Samsung Galaxy Guidebook in hand, even a complete beginner can soon become a Samsung Galaxy expert. Getting the most from your Samsung Galaxy device means learning how to use all of the unique apps and features, from messaging and email, to Google Home and the photo editor.

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The Samsung Galaxy Guidebook Vol 29

Detailed Step-by-Step Samsung Galaxy Guides

Android can seem confusingly complex the first time you use it, but your Samsung Galaxy Guidebook will help to simplify things. Detailed step-by-step guides take you through each stage of setting up your phone, from start to finish. Whether you have a Galaxy J4, or a brand new Galaxy S9, these tutorials will soon get you up to speed.

Tips and Tricks for Every Galaxy User

No matter if you are an experienced Samsung Galaxy user or a complete newbie, there are plenty of essential tips and tricks throughout this guide aimed at making your Galaxy experience better, faster or easier one step at a time. From saving battery power to getting the best from your photos, there is sure to be something new to learn.

Learn the Smartphone Essentials

Obviously, you will want to keep your shiny new Samsung Galaxy device running as smoothly as possible and for as long as possible. Develop your knowledge to make noticeable differences, from learning how to troubleshoot a problem and use the developer settings, to removing bloatware and saving battery power, there is something useful here for everyone to learn.

Get More from Google Home on Galaxy

In this issue we delve deep into the brilliant Google Home smart speakers, showing you how to get yours set up properly with your Samsung device, moving on to the use of voice commands and how to master key features like playing music and searching for information. If your Google Home speaker is currently being underused, this is the guide you need!

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